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Wrap up in memories!

Collect your favorite t-shirts to create a unique memory quilt. A Tee-Quilt is a great way to save t-shirts from your cycling, running, or other athletic events, school activities, concerts, and vacations.

Or what about a quilt customized for a loved one to celebrate Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or graduation?

Wrap up in a Tee-Quilt! And Show off your quilt on FaceBook!

"I continue to personally make your t-shirt quilt myself. If you live in the Indianapolis area, I will be happy to talk with you and lay out your quilt in my home. If you live outside the Indianapolis area, please mail your shirts to me.

Since 1994, I have sewn 1,725 tee-quilts!"
— Sandy Kurker

Contact Sandy Kurker at sandy@tee-quilts.com or (317) 566-9183
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